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Sunday, August 28, 2011

the trip so far

Okay so I feel sufficiently behind on my blogging. The trip has been incredible and... I need to paint so I'm gonna give a quick update and then go paint. I will be doing shorter more frequent posts when I'm in range.

We've been in the Bay area catching up with friends and getting our stuff together for about 2 weeks. Heading to Yosemite soon and friends will join. Then backpacking in the sierras for 4 days. We had decided to do Whitney, only to be turned back by the impossibility of getting a permit :( they only allow 100 day hikers and 60 overnighters a day... so our fluid schedule made it hard to know what day we'd be going and by the time I called about a permit, they were booked solid. So, another time...

Oregon and Cali have been great, beautiful... and I've posted some pics here

Glacier Pics
Norther California
Oregon and more Northern Cali

I'll post the paintings I do before I leave here I hope.

Thanks for following everyone. The trip has been life changing for me so far. Lets see what the next 3 months bring :) More soon.

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