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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Which Tent

Trying to choose a tent. It needs to be big enough to sleep, paint and live in. It would be nice to have a screen room so that I can keep our cooking in doors especially if it's a rainy day. We'll be at some parks for extended periods of time. We have a smaller 3 person tent for short stays. Keeping out the weather is probably the most important.

Cabela tent

Tunnel Tent

Tahoe Gear Tent


  1. Heather. I am excited about your trip. I think the Tahoe Gear looks good, but I have no way of knowing about quickness and ease of setup. Reasonable price too. Maybe you should take along 2 tents, space permitting, - a smaller one for the short stays and a larger one for the longer ones. I am starting to take an interest in landscape painting also, since I know a lot of artists who are doing that. Wish I were going too. Maybe we can meet in the West somewhere.

  2. more options




  3. I'd put my money into the Cabela tent, but the Tahoe is a close second. The Cabela tent looks like it has a lot more light and breathability...that's just my take though