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Thursday, June 23, 2011

13 days

It's getting so close now. We have a few things left to do to prepare, but we're pretty much ready. Today we get the hitch installed on the car for the cargo carrier, The cargo box arrived last night. We have 95% of our gear and we're doing a test camp this coming weekend. The excitement has my stomach doing somersaults.

I have 5 paintings to do... 3 of which must be finished before we leave. The others can always be finished on the road. I have several painting and drawing workshops to teach this and next week as well. Add in trying to see all of our friends and the 4th of July weekend festivities and we're pretty loaded up. Tomorrow I head to Vermont for 1 day at Wanderlust... a yoga festival that I will make full use of.

The hardest task now is reducing what we're bringing. I opted for a rear carrier to save on fuel consumption, and with it being just C and me, we can put the sleeping stuff on the back seat and leave the trunk to all the gear. I'm glad that we're just taking the car, it will make the trip much easier than towing a pop up. Off I go now to pack the cargo box. Wish me luck.

breath... :)

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